ok so hey heres a guide for all you glubber fuckers who wanna be a seapun fish queen pike me (but you cant)


(also thisll get updated regularly)

some elements taken from the comic, a lot from this guide over here (seariously quality meenah blog ok go follow it)

if you want icons check out my masterlist here

this is mostly for my own benefit but go the frick ahead and have at this if you want


reely/reel= really/real
gillty = guilty
cod = god
krill = kill
prawn = pwn/pawn
somefin/nofin = something/nothing
waterever/whatebber = whatever
sardinonic = sardonic
eeling = feeling
heroe/heroeine = hero/heroine
roe = row
shrimpudent = impudent
roetine = routine
opportunaty (or opperchtunaty) = opportunity
perchase = purchase
whale = well
whalecome = welcome
gillarious/gillegal = hilarious/illegal
debait = debate
fishbait = bait
doofish = doofus
manta = meant
salmon = slammin/summon
crayative/crayture = creative/creature
haddock = had
mackerel = mack
coral = choir, core???
melancoley = melancholic/melancholy
outraygeous = outrageous
cuttle = cuddle
hullabeluga = hullabaloo 
pike = pick/like
posshipbly / possibubbly = possible / possibly
porpoise = purpose/prepose/propose
carppreciate/carppreciation = appreciate/appreciation
insmanatee  = insanity
s(’)chool = it’s cool, s'cool
koi = coy
hake = hate
krilliant = brilliant
crappie = crappy
herring = hearing
ofishial = official
betta = bet/better/betcha
shellfish = selfish
eelmao = lmao (and any variations of that: lmfao and other bullshit)
fintastic/fintasy = fantastic/fantasy
fin = fun/fan/fine/find
halibut = hell of it
carping/glubbing = talking/chatting/etc??
lobsta/lobstervations = lotsa/observations
floundering = fumbling
bereef = believe
pracfishing = practicing
anemone = enemy/any
moby = body
swimmer = simmer (like, simmer down)
oar = or
sea eeled = sealed
bassically = basically
finaccurate/finportant = inaccurate/important
shrimple/shrimply = simple/simply
myshellf/yourshellf/etc = myself/yourself/etc
schoalder = shoulder
minnow = me know
basshole = asshole
prawn = pawn/pwn
shoal = show???
dolphinitely = definitely
eelated = elated
conchvienent/conchcerned/confused/etc = convienent/concerned/confused/etc
clamscray = amscray
moray / moor = more
moireel/morayrail/moray-eel = moirail
fishmesis = kismesis
ausfishtice = auspistice
snapper = snap
mast = must
whaling = wailing
speshell = special
shell = sell/hell
mussel = muscle
goby = go be
kelp = help
gill = girl
endolphins = endorphins
endorsal = endorse
frond = friend/fond
probably = probubbly
flippering = flipping
squidding = kidding
shore = sure
mola = moola
sea = see
weaprawn = weapon
appier/disappier = appear/disappear
disaspeared = also disappear
aspear = aspire
fishcernable/discernabubble = discernible 
fishues = issues
fishnet = net
plaice = place
discus = discuss
clamering = clamoring
beach = each/bitch
pacific = specific
sturgeon = surgeon
water = what are
alwaves = always
attitide = attitude
tidal = title
aquainted = accquianted 
searious/seacret/sean = serious/secret/seen
naut/nauty = not/naughty
actshoally = actually
tidey = tidy
shad = tad
tidally = totally
sanditary = sanitary
teamfork = teamwork
seagullible = gullible
puffin = puffing
crazy = craysea
tern = turn
fish / fishes = wish / wishes
lunacy = lunasea
otterwise = otherwise
otter = other/oughta/outta
asshoal = asshole 
shark = shirk/stark
tuna = tone of/tune
buoy = boy
aboat = about
boat = bout
jellyfish = jealous
waterboat = what about
keel = kill
hull = hell/haul
schooner = sooner
sail = sell
glubber fucker = mother fucker

some rarer fishpuns you might not see her use as much;

waded = walked
capelin = captain
flip = shit (she does this about a quarter of the time?? kinda???? sometimes not even in replacement of shit but she does sometimes)
codn’t = couldn’t

some like phrases and stuff booyea

titanic = huge/big/grand/massive/etc
clam up = shut up
out the blowhole = out the ass
port/starboard = left/right
stern/bow = back/front
water current = current (like, current events? maybe.)
carping = talking/chatting/etc
scum sucker
high seahorse = high horse
captain = leader 
angelfish = sweetheart/darling/etc
guppy/shrimp = somebody young or small
lured into your boat
rule the school
gaping like a fish out of water
wind in your/my/her/his/their/our sails
a stern talking to
packed like sardines
high pressure situation
stormy sailing
cut of your/my/he/she/their/our jib
hook, line and sinker
lure you/me/him/her/them/us in
buzzbug (for rainbow drinkers?? or serenity HEH)
crabby attitude
burst your bubble
theres a lot of fish in the sea
sleep with the fishes 
something smells fishy 

ok now here’s some shit about her personality and stuff

she occasionally drops gs on ends of her words (“cod glubbin damnit”) and when she’s more upset she seems to use glub more often. she also tends to exchange glub with fuck more often when she upset

shes types in lowercase without any punctuation (puncturuation 38D thats terrible i know meenah makes terrible puns A+ goes to me)

she kinda talks with a bit of a gangster / ghetto set of words (“specially”, “lookit him”, “yo listen up”, etc etc) and she drops off stuff from her words (buncha, betta, cmon, gimme, coulda, suckas, them = em, tha, cmere, she tends to drop off the ‘ome’ of come when paired with m-words, so on) and she doesn’t always spell out her words she does use abbreviations (with = w, bullshit = bs, mofo, god fuckin damnit = gfd)

she’s also a bit of a nerd i mean cmon she goes “thats adorbs yo” when learning about kanaya’s crush / relationship with rose i mean THATS adorable

also she tends to get really glubbin happy when someone makes fishpuns (that aren’t making fun of her)

i mean look at how she reacted when aranea said tuna and some other puns omg

image image image image

fricken DORK

anyways tho

(also she says “tho” hahahahaha)

basically just be kind of a dork who looks down on everyone

because she does look down on everyone to a varying degree and she’s pretty self-absorbed and she’s really in it for the boonbucks?? i mean half of the new flash game could be considered her freakin out about how much she could sell all that treasure for (sell = shell heheh) and ofc latula’s nickname for her, paycheck (also if you have a meenah that’s super duper close with a latula, nickname: latuna BOOYEA)

she capitalizes things for emphasis (cod DAMN thats one big mofo 38O)

she only uses )( and –E on capitalized H / E

“B–E–EOTC)(” (she actually said that. yep.)

she doesn’t look down on EVERYBODY tho when she finds someone she looks up to or likes a lot she’s??? a huge dork like wow

like shes a total fangirl for the condesce we ALL know this

and she’s so adorable when people make fishpuns and stuff and she’s pretty chummy (heh) with aranea!! so she’s kinda a bit nicer to people / trolls she knows better, but it also depends on their relationship. she might also make fun of them more if it’s kankri!! haha dude they ARE friends totally but she makes a lot of fun of him we all know that

also it’s easy for her to get tired of stuff (latula’s highfiving, she calls aranea and rose windfang / rosefang respectively hehehe, to some degree porrim’s feminist thing, kankRI KANkRI KANKRI, and i soon suspect dave’s coolkid act)

but please remember she’s such a dork with fishpuns that’s her THING ok besides being a bit moneygrubby (hehhe heh eheh) and being the badgirl fishqueen shes like FISHPUNS dont diss on the fishpuns (dont piss on em either 38O)

here’s some stuff from ask-peixes (i sent her a private message and asked for some tips rping meenah so im putting some of that stuff here!):

“meenah likes to stab people with her pointy jam, but she’s always more physically aggressive than emotionally aggressive.”

“she’s always pretty happy and grinning like a fucking maniac all the time which is a little disconcerting. like she isn’t quick to anger, she’s more dismissive and has a ‘aw man’ sort of personality and might try to convince people to sway her way. she is kind of shit at convincing, as the last flash showed. she isn’t very patient (peixent? hahahah puns…..„) and has little tolerance for waiting around listening to people and hearing about their life stories. she pretty much does not give any shits unless things get to da juicy gossip.

she’s very impulsive and kind of a daredevil too." 

her like uh hobbies or somefin

as i quote ask-peixes some more, she actually just really likes stabbing things i guess. mostly strangers. like thats her way of saying hello. i mean she’s pretty damn chill otherwise, the only time she gets really pissed off is when people start talking crap about the condesce ((or fishpuns)). then shit hits the goddamn fan.“ 

also, "its worth noting that she bakes. or its a hobby of hers or something, because its been alluded to twice. we cant know for sure until its elaborated on but it shouldnt come up that often.”

and: her interests are pretty similar to a 9 year old’s. splosions and stabbin things, hot dang. she loves fish puns and a lot of things having to do with fish or marine things

she also loves herself. she is just the cats pajams in her eyes. like she has a few statues of herself which is sort of fucking hilarious.”

yeah i quoted her a lot but she has quite a bit of good stuff to say hehe esp on her personality and whatnot 

but yeah that’s it (for now)

i’ll update this more as time goes on and we sea more of her u wu

i also totally accept any info you might have for me!!

i’d prefer if you hit me up aboat it on my mainblog tho (2xknifekind there i even linked you to my askbox) but i don’t mind if it’s here, too. 38O i’ll just sea it sooner on my main, hoo hoo

but yeah

im not the B–EST meenah rper im honestly just getting started but i still wanna kelp you guys out 38*

ok now i need stop ;; 

)(–E)(–E have fun!!!! <33

soli out

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